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  1. I explore the value of time and the value of labour invested in art practice. The work is the of reversal of a sculpture that I produced during the process of learning aluminium welding. I made an object that I was not sure how to understand.  For me it was too accidental to call it an artwork but I was quite invested in the making of it to just give it up. I decided to undo it. I wanted though to do this in a manner where I use my physical strength against the shape of metal. The best way I could think was to file it to nothing using a hand file. This slow process requires commitment and endurance. I built machinery meant to help me destroy my work. I conceived it in such a way to keep true to the effort and movement performed by the hand driven file. Once the object I am grinding is completely turned to aluminium dust, all these accessories that I developed around the action become obsolete. They become purposeless items that will fill the gap left by the disappearing sculpture