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       The disease acts as a shaping factor upon the personality of the individual. Finding themselves in this situation, some repent and try to change their way of living and also to make a mends with God, other become persistent in their vices not giving them up in spite of the disease or other start clinging on to radical treatments stressing their bodies to the point of braking in the hope that all the effort will conclude in a remission of the disease.

    Despite all the physiological processes of the illness, in the end, the most traumatic is the psychical one.

    The incertitude if you are going to make it, if you discovered the disease soon enough, the incertitude if the medical system which reveals itself in front of you as an unsurmountable labyrinth is either going to be your friend or your enemy.

    The chronic affliction is an abstract enemy, physically imperceptible; it always comes unexpected although you are preparing yourself for it the entire life. Each step is marked with a medical document, a CT scan, x-ray, ultrasound, angiography and colonoscopy, in the end the individual becoming a connoisseur of his illness, a chronicler of it, the crucial moments of the disease being documented through layers of official papers which are sorted and indexed as if in a personal museum.

    The documents in the case of treatment success are kept as artifacts, being crucial in retracing the steps of the treatment in case of the reappearance of the disease.

    My approach on them is a photographical one quoting the scientific photography used in the documentation of archeological artifacts unveiled in an archeological site. By using techniques specific to object photography I invest them with objects qualities changing their status as an informational medium to an object status with esthetical features.

    The X-ray is one of the most recognizable types of medical image and here it has the role of visually supporting the idea of transformation as a result of illnesses. Through digital alteration the anatomy of the bones in each X-ray is modified in such a way that at a first glance the viewer would not be able to observe anything wrong.

    Through this photographical approach I am trying to transpose, in an artistic language, the unseen psychical marks the disease carves into a patient.

    Using the medical documentation as a photographic subject, I am giving a higher purpose to this by product of bureaucracy.