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  1. The sculpture uses the recognizable shape of a street water fountain in order to question the public perception of the art object (its utility, its value).

    In this situation I use the design of a utilitarian object produced from an unusual material - a block of salt - which cancel the main purpose the object has: that of offering drinkable water to public.

    The water fountain becomes in this way a useless object. It modifies continuously as long as it is displayed. It is meant to puzzle the viewer making him wake up from the contemplation state he is in the presence of an art object.

    The object is sized exactly as any common water fountain on the street, being functional as well.

    It re-circulates a certain quantity of water that easily melts the surface of the sculpture.

    The work unites two chemical elements that in different moments of history were very valuable: salt, which from antiquity until the sixth century A.D. was worth its weight in gold and fresh water which was priceless for desert areas and becomes more and more expensive these days.

    Through their interaction the value of these elements drops two zero, because salted water is the most present element on Terra.